Meet Our Members

Jan Canterbury is an Environmental Scientist who worked at USEPA for over 25 years on issues ranging from rehabilitation of the Peregrine Falcon on the East Coast to education on Global Climate Change. Jan has also co-facilitated trainings on social issues such as Racial Reconciliation, Eco-Theology, Eco-Comedy and LGBTQ counseling at Whitman Walker Clinic. Currently, Jan is working on a building bridges initiative to promote arts and civic engagement through the Jane Franklin Modern Dance Company (JFD). JFD is a vibrant part of the Northern Virginia cultural community and uses a multi-discipline approach to make dance accessible to a wide range of audiences (of all ages and profiles). The relevant themes of cultural diversity, ecology, migration, and breaking down barriers in our society align creatively with our goals of Building Bridges. Plus, each event is beautiful and fun to attend. Contact Jan Canterbury if you want to play with us.  

Jan Canterbury

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​Vivek is the co-founder and Director of AscentVirginia, Inc., a social impact venture focused on promoting clean technology jobs and economic development in Virginia. He is an experienced life science entrepreneur having founded two biotech startups and has consulted with several biopharma companies. He is presently employed at PerkinElmer, Inc. leading global scientific teams to advance their human and environmental health mission. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University and a public policy degree from Johns Hopkins University.

Vivek R. Shinde Patil, Ph.D.

Ann Delorey works in interfaith relations with a focus on dialogue and social justice. She is a trained volunteer moderator with Better Angels, a non-profit organization working to unite America by bringing together people who differ politically to build bridges of understanding and find common ground. Ann offers skills training in talking across the political divide and workshops that bring politically diverse groups together to get to know each other beyond stereotypes.

Ann Delorey

Kayla Sykes founded the Community Voices: We're Listening podcast, which provides a series of interviews with people from different backgrounds to discuss how the recent U.S. political climate has directly affected them and how past experiences have shaped their current views and opinions. The purpose of this podcast is to spread understanding, awareness, and empathy by offering the opportunity to listen to those with different viewpoints than your own. This podcast serves as a media tool for the Building Bridges team to share our events, conversations, and stories with a broader audience. To learn more, visit the podcast website at and follow the podcast team on Instagram @communityvoicespod.

Kayla Sykes


Pablo Moulden, a Building Bridges volunteer, grew up in Vienna, VA. He is currently working to require medically accurate sexual health education in Virginia schools through state legislation. Diagnosed with HIV at 17 years old, he is also an HIV awareness & prevention activist. He has spoken over 60 times with two nonprofits (NOVAM & NovaSalud) at 17 schools and institutions in Northern Virginia speaking about his HIV status and sex education. He has also spoken on various panels at James Madison University and George Washington University on HIV and LGBT+ related topics. He also spoke on a panel at George Washington University's 2017 HIV Summit. As of now his speaking has reached 2,800 grade school students, school faculty, university students and social workers.  Recently he organized a team, including other Building Bridges volunteers, for the 2017 Walk to End HIV (fundraiser for Whitman-Walker Health). Pablo recruited 13 participants and collectively the team raised $1,580 for the walk.  Currently he serves as a member on Whitman-Walker Health's Community Advisory Board and has been invited to join the DC Center for AIDS Research Community Advisory Board.

Pablo Moulden