What started as a Building Bridges conversation with Arlington's historic Nauck neighborhood, quickly transformed into a historic preservation partnership between Building Bridges, CARE Inc. Nauck Community Archives & Resource Center, and the Arlington County Public Library.

Nauck is a historic African American Community, drawing its roots from Freedman’s Village, established after the Civil War in Arlington following the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. The story of Nauck is a story of community, of partnership, entrepreneurship, integration and unity. A closely knit neighborhood, Nauck is also home to four notable churches, two of which celebrated their 150th anniversary last year. The history of Nauck is the history of Arlington and warrants preservation.


In February 2017, we collectively held a fundraiser that was attended by more than 80 people and brought in more than $3000 for this initiative. The money is being used to digitize historic records and showcase Nauck's rich history. Our first digitized photo exhibit on the Life of John Robinson was featured at Nauck's Feel the Heritage Festival in 2017.

NAuck historic preservation


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