Many organizations are already doing amazing work strengthening our bonds of community and advocating for inclusivity and respect. Here are a few organizations we are working with:

Partner Organizations

A conversational podcast with people from different backgrounds discussing how the recent U.S. political climate has directly affected them, and how past experiences have shaped their current views and opinions.

Jane Franklin Dance celebrates movement and makes dance accessible to a wide range of audiences through public performance, dance education, community engagement and collaborations with artists.

Civity bridges divides to strengthen communities through a culture of deliberately engaging in relationships of respect and empathy with others who are different.

Launched in 2016, Better Angels is a bipartisan citizen’s movement to unify our divided nation. By bringing red and blue Americans together into a working alliance, we’re building new ways to talk to one another, participate together in public life, and influence the direction of the nation.

Cook Ross provides powerful solutions to organizations around the world in the areas of diversity, inclusion, cultural competency, leadership development, and organizational change management